18 Wheelers/Commercial Vehicles or Truck Accidents

Despite increased regulation of the industry, the sad reality is that many truckers still drive more hours than are permitted by law. Tired truckers cause thousands of accidents every year. Because determining fault in truck accidents is often very difficult, it is critical that an investigation occur as soon as possible after the accident. In almost all cases involving serious injuries, the insurance company for the trucker will send out an investigator to look for evidence that you were at fault. This is why at the Law Office of Morris Reed Jr. we prefer to have the opportunity to start working on these types of cases as early as possible, so that physical evidence  which may be very important to the case is preserved. However, even when we are hired long after a truck accident occurs, we are almost always able to piece together the evidence necessary to determine who was at fault through photographs of the scene and damage to the vehicles.

Accidents with 18 wheelers  or other commercial vehicles often cause serious and catastrophic injuries. Attorney Morris Reed Jr. has helped many truck accident victims, and we can help you too. We have recovered thousands of dollars in compensation for our clients and have successfully handled thousands of cases. When it comes to pursuing maximum compensation, we are relentless. We treat each case in our care as a top priority. At the Law Office of Morris Reed Jr., we will take the time to listen to you, understand your concerns, and come up with solutions that can make your life better. Let us help you win.


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